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Camp Northward

Falmouth, KY

Nestled in the heart of Pendleton County, Kentucky, not far from historic, downtown Falmouth, Camp Northward offers a summer experience rich in fun, friendship, learning and adventure. Camp sessions range from Day Camp for those going into 1st grade to our high school weeks, including Treehouse Adventure and specialty weeks.

Caleb & Dawn Christman


Caleb & Dawn Christman are planting a church, University Church Delft, on the campus of Delft University of Technology in 2022 to reach college students for Jesus. Caleb will serve as the lead planter on the ground to lead the church in making disciples for Jesus Christ. Dawn will serve alongside him, helping to raise up leaders and overseeing administration for the church.


Haiti Outreach Ministries

Haiti Outreach Ministries' mission is to share God’s love and the Good News of Christ through service and partnerships that assist the people of Haiti. Their vision is to develop self-sustaining communities that help people become the individuals God intended them to be. HOM represents a variety of Christian denominations, and we do not focus on any particular denominational doctrine. Rather, we call on the foundational principles in Scripture that unite us and provide our calling. We are striving to love our neighbor through being the living, breathing embodiment of Christ in our daily lives and encouraging others to do the same.


Brett Seybold has been married to his wife Heather for 21 years now. They have two daughters, Fiona and Noelle. Brett & Heather served for a decade in Germany and returned at the beginning of 2011 in order for Brett to pursue his PhD in Christian Apologetics. Brett's hope has always been to address the larger global issues exported from Post-Christian Europe around the globe. In 2018, Brett teamed up with Kontatkmission (an international Missions network and movement) to form KAPOL (Kontakt Apologetics) - International Apologetics with an Individual Touch. KAPOL has two full-time workers, Brett and a videographer Christy Graves out of Knoxville, TN. They also have a network of dozens of scholars and bilingual translators. They encourage Conversations that Count, Dialogues of Difference, and Relationships that Redeem. They engage in international Personal Evangelism & Discipleship, Equipping Christians and Congregations to do likewise, and Cultural Engagement - primarily through our short Apologetic videos in multiple languages. Our goal is to evangelize and make disciples but especially in the wake of post-Christian thinking and skepticism.

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Master Provisions

Master Provisions serves God by connecting resources to needs while uplifting one soul at a time for all generations.

Through their distribution center, they provide resources to partner agencies who directly serve the community. Their collaborative approach allows their partners to save time and money obtaining these resources. This helps them focus on their mission of serving others.

To learn more about volunteer opportunities or to donate, please click here!


Joven Borja and his wife Recil live in southeast Asia. Joven travels near and far to spread the good news about Jesus Christ. 

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South Asia Ministry

Laminda and Denise Abaybawansha serve as missionaries in South Asia. 

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