Survey of Christian Beliefs
God literally created the entire universe in six days, as is described in Genesis 1.*
It is possible that the earth could be millions of years old.*
It is possible that God used evolution, over millions of years, to form the world we live in today.*
The Biblical account of a worldwide, global flood in Genesis 6-8 is a true story that actually happened, as described in the Bible.*
The Bible is the true Word of God, does not contain errors and can be completely trusted.*
The stories in the Old Testament are good stories for teaching morals, but they didn't really happen.*
Other "holy books" such as the Book of Mormon or the Koran are, like the Bible, inspired works; just different expressions of the same truths.*
It is possible to believe that the Biblical account of Creation is true, but that the earth could still be millions of years old (each "day" of creation could actually stand for much longer periods of time).*
We are all sinners, separated from God because of our sin.*
Jesus Christ is the only source of salvation from our sins.*
Everyone goes to heaven when they die; God loves us too much to send anyone to hell.*
There are many different roads to heaven, as long as you sincerely follow your beliefs.*
It doesn't matter whether or not I commit any sins; God will forgive me anyway.*
If a person has at any time in their life prayed and asked Jesus to be their Savior, they are guaranteed to go to heaven when they die no matter how they live their life.*
A person trusting in Jesus Christ for salvation needs to be baptized.*
While on earth, Jesus Christ committed sins.*
Jesus Christ physically and literally died on the cross, was buried and physically rose again on the third day.*
God wants us to be happy, healthy and prosperous. If we are going through hard times, we just need to have more faith in God and He will bless our lives here on earth.*
It is very important to spend time in prayer and reading the Bible on my own, outside of church.*
Skipping church in order to play sports is not a big deal, even if it becomes a habit for a while.*
It's not a big deal if I tell or laugh at dirty jokes, or join in with my friends when they pick on others.*
As a Christian, I need to keep a close and careful eye on the content of the music I listen to, and the movies and TV shows that I watch.*
Satan is not a real living being, but rather is just a symbol of evil.*
Playing around with items such as Ouija boards or Tarot cards is just harmless fun; it can't really hurt me.*
The Christian faith is for everyone, and I need to share it with my friends and neighbors.*
Abortion takes the life of human beings and should not be acceptable practice in our society.*
It is perfectly acceptable for an unmarried couple to live together.*
God defined marriage as a lifelong covenant between one man and one woman, and we as humans do not have the authority to redefine marriage.*
It is okay to disobey a law if you personally disagree with it.*
Any sort of sexual activity outside of marriage is sinful and should be avoided.*
It should always be up to the woman whether or not she chooses to continue with a pregnancy, and she should have the right to abort if she chooses not to continue.*
Homosexual/transgender rights should be protected and upheld by the law, and anyone who discriminates in any way should be punished (even if they cite religious beliefs).*
It is okay to disobey a law if obeying that law would mean you are disobeying God.*
The Bible doesn't really condemn homosexual relationships as long as they are committed one-on-one marriage relationships.*
How often do you read the Bible on your own?*
How often do you pray on your own?*
If it were completely up to you, how often would you attend church?*
If it were completely up to you, how frequently would you prefer to attend church per week? (check all that apply)*
 Sunday Morning Service
 Sunday School
 Sunday Evening (Service, Youth Group or Small Groups)
 Wednesday Evening Bible Studies/Youth Group
 Special events when they come up
On a scale of 1 to 10, please identify where you feel your level of commitment is to Jesus Christ.*
What would you consider an acceptable reason to not attend church on a given Sunday? (check all that apply)*
 Having to work (not by choice)
 Choosing to work overtime
 Sports practice or game
 Out of town (for vacation, to visit family, etc)
 Just want to sleep in and relax
 Stayed up too late Saturday night and couldn't wake up on time
 Just don't feel like going today
 Need to spend the time doing my homework
 I'd just rather do something else
 There is NEVER an acceptable reason to not attend church
Has secular science dating the earth at 6 billion years old caused you to doubt the Bible?*
If you had someone challenge you, do you feel that you could defend your beliefs?*
How likely would you be to give up on your belief in God and the Bible if presented with a compelling argument against them?*
When choosing sides on an issue, what should be the #1 consideration?*
How much of a role should your faith play in choosing elected leaders?*
Please select your age range.*