Facility Use

  Facility Use  
Facility Use Information
Thank you for your desire to use our facilities.  We would love to be able to accommodate you.  However, to ensure proper use of our facilites and that we do not encounter any scheduling conflicts, we do have some guidelines and procedures that will need to be followed.  
Click here to view our guidelines.

In order to request the use of our facilities, please follow the link below to access our online Facility Use Request Form.  Please fill the form out completely; we will review it and respond as promptly as possible.  Some events may require review by our leadership before approval is granted.
Please take note that some events, such as weddings, have additional guidelines that must be reviewed as well.  
Our elders reserve the right to review any request to use our facilities.  Any decisions they make will be final.
Thank you!

Facility Use Request Form

For your convenience, here are maps of our buildings.